If you wish to download this app, it is available at both Google Play Store as well as the iOS store.

Make sure you have a reasonable configuration on your smartphone in order to get a smooth user experience while placing your trades through this app.

Here are the Google play store link and the iOS links for your reference from where the respective apk files can be downloaded and installed.

Furthermore, the 5Paisa app size varies widely between both versions. For Android, the app is only 26 MB, however, the iOS version of the app is over 167 MB.


Although the 5Paisa App is decently designed and is a recommended application, there are still few concerns as mentioned below:

  • Loading of Charts may take some time intermittently.
  • There have been other versions of mobile apps from 5Paisa in the past that performed at an average level. Although this one has got a much better response it still has to prove itself over a period of time.
  • You are not allowed to trade in the commodity segment.
  • Quite a few users have reported that the 5Paisa app hangs when used for a longer duration.

This concern is reported mostly by users into intraday trading.


At the same time, here are some of the top benefits of using this mobile application for your trading:

  • This mobile app from 5Paisa comes with 256-bit SSL encryption, thus, providing an extra layer of security of user data.
  • The app offers a free guest login for users who are looking to get an idea of the user experience and performance of the application.
  • In case you are looking to have a personal demonstration of this mobile app, you can get in touch with the broker or let us know. A demo of the mobile app will be arranged for you.
  • The mobile app is known for decent speed in order execution and overall performance.

5Paisa App allows users to personalize and customize the mobile app as per preferences including background settings, alerts, and notifications.


With this, we would like to wrap up the review on 5Paisa App. The app suits well to beginner and intermediate level traders due to its optimal user experience, ease of use and high performance.

The usability of the app is pretty reasonable and the overall design helps traders (especially beginners) to understand how things work.

For example, if you look at the dashboard screen, where you land up post login, you will find that the screen is modularized in such a way that it is very easy for you to figure out what next step you would like to take.

Nonetheless, the app needs to still put in some ground for expert-level traders for the simple reason that they look for exhaustiveness in features including stock market analysis and market depth.